Name: Halle Ann Horvath

Location: Allen Park MI

Makes me happy: A night at home watching Netflix, A comfortable crewneck with a warm pair of socks, The smell of Fall and my mothers cooking, Beyonce's Voice. A joke that makes me laugh, My dog in the window waiting for me to come home, A fresh manicure. 8 hours of sleep and MY CAMERA IN MY HAND. 


Your probably reading this to understand how deep my love for photography is, the best way of me explaining it, is just by sharing what I get to witness every time I capture life....... The way a father looks at his daughter walking down the isle, a soon to be married couple staring into each others eyes in front of a beautifully colored sky, The way a husband spins his new wife in a room full of people and whispers something soft in her ear. The way a child tugs on their mothers shirt to pick them up just to give them the biggest bear hug they can. These are all examples of feelings that slow down life for me. Allows me to understand how precious the smallest moments can be and I love nothing more then capturing those moments through my lens. My Obsession with taking pictures began in 2008 and my memory cards have been full ever since. I started by capturing the lives of my family and friend which later grew into something bigger. 2013 rolled around and I decided to put all my time and effort in my business and here we are today!   

Each time I take someone's photograph I treat it as if it's MY memory that needs to be saved for a lifetime. Each photograph has a story to be told and I would love to help you tell yours! 

Enough about me, This journey is about YOU! and I'm so glad your here. Please contact me with any questions you may have or even just to say hi! i'm here to help.